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Business Infrastructure

The whole gamut of registering your organisation, filing the paperwork, complying with regulations, administering the administration and so on are the procedural things that every founder must pay attention to for their organization. 27Gems simplifies your attention into a single "human concierge". This "human concierge" will manage many procedures on your behalf, so you can fully focus on why you started it in the first place. 

We implement our science of building startups through a dedicated coach. The role of the dedicated coach is to bring clarity to your path. That clarity would reveal the things that you should have done, the things that you should do, as well as the things you can do to scale your organization in the least painful way possible. The goal of the coach is to guide you to success through the embodiment of our science of building startups, and you may become a coach to new founders.

This "business infrastructure" service has been simplified into monthly charge packages based on the yearly transaction amount. The yearly transaction amount is an accurate measurement of the complexity of your organization and the packages are individually adjusted to the complexity of your organization, so you do not pay more for what you need for each stage of your organisation. 



  • Dedicated concierge

  • Incorporation of Business Entity*

  • Company Secretarial Services

  • Accounts prepared to IFRS standards

  • Business Performance Reports

  • Preparation of Financial Statement

  • Audit*

  • Annual Tax Filing

  • Coaching (General matters)

  • Expected RM10,000 transaction amount/year limit

*Separate one-off charge



​All the sub-services before plus

  • Virtual CFO

  • Cloud Accounting software Xero

  • Accounting Review

  • Business Performance Reports

  • Tax Plannings

  • Coaching (Fundraising, Leadership, Business Foundation)

  • Business forecasting

  • Product Market Fit Consulting

  • Hiring advice

  • Expected RM50,000 transaction amount/year limit



​​All the sub-services before plus

  • Metric measurements

  • Business improvements

  • Implementation of internal controls

  • Implementation of operational practices

  • Coaching (Team building)

  • Expected RM100,000 transaction amount/year limit

The following tiers will have new sub-services tailored to your needs. Despite so, we still offer a fixed fee:



RM200k transaction/year limit



RM300k transaction/year limit

Pre-Series A


RM500k transaction/year limit

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Contact your Concierge

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